Pizza Marketing Made Easy

Thanx helps multi-unit pizza restaurants across the U.S. drive more revenue and loyalty from their best customers.


What We Do

A massive set of data points from your customers and your competitors’ customers gives you a proprietary view into your business.

We analyze your customers’ buying habits…

Clear and actionable insights get you the answers you’re looking for. understand and predict their behavior...

Act on your customer data with our fast and easy to use marketing tools. Set up your first campaign in minutes. you can get more sales with our easy marketing platform.

How It Works

Predict spending trends

Find immediate opportunities to drive sales by pinpointing purchase trends and buying habits.

See competitive behavior

Uncover how customers are spending at other merchants to understand what you need to do to compete.

Identify loyal and churned buyers

See detailed individual customer profiles. Turn loyal customers into advocates and get churned customers to come back.

Targeted campaigns

Use data based on individual buying behaviors to drive personalized, targeted campaigns across email and mobile.

Track sales, not clicks

Measure and justify the immediate impact of your campaigns through actual sales rather than open rates, impressions or clicks.

Zero integrations, immediate launch

Spend more time on your business and less time on set up. Easy templates. Simple interface. Set up your first campaign in minutes.


Increase your customer visit frequency by as much as 2.5x with Thanx's data-driven marketing platform built specifically for pizza restaurants.

Our Customers Love Us. And We Love Them. 

"We needed a world-class partner to take our decade-old loyalty program to the next level - and that's exactly what we did with Thanx."

Top 10 Pizza Marketing Strategies You're Not Using

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